Individual Member Code of Conduct

All members and Fellows commit to this Code of Conduct

The Code:

  • Sets the professional standards required as a condition of ICRS membership
  • Applies to all members and Fellows regardless of role or geography
  • Applies to the conduct of an individual, and not any organisation for which they work

Members and Fellows must exercise their own judgment to meet the requirements of the Code and seek advice from the ICRS if in doubt.

As an ICRS member or Fellow I will:

  1. Uphold and promote the reputation of the ICRS and the CRS profession and do nothing that would bring either into disrepute
  2. Maintain and develop my personal professional CRS competence
  3. Contribute to the development of the profession and its effectiveness through my participation in the Institute
  4. Actively seek opportunities to maximise the benefits of business to society and the environment, and to minimise its adverse effects
  5. Influence and persuade others of the case for a responsible and sustainable approach to doing business, and supporting that approach across disciplines
  6. Demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical and appropriate behaviour in all business, professional and related personal activities
  7. Be transparent about any special relationship, business interest or conflict of interest and make all relevant parties aware where such a conflict may exist

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