A speedy Interview with the Scotland Hub

A speedy Interview with the Scotland Hub

The Scotland Hub is a virtual support group for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) professionals. It is a place for members to share learnings and challenges, ask questions, get advice, highlight opportunities and join networking and speaker events.

The group is led by the Scotland Hub Steering Committee and administered by the ICRS Secretariat team. 

What makes your Hub unique? 

Like all the Hubs ours is member-led group, where we identify key current topics to engage with like-minded professionals across Scotland.

What makes us unique is perhaps that we have three chairs which provides a well balanced style in how we share responsibility … this along with our active committee members ensures that we have a wide array of input into shaping our direction of travel.

Our Hub is not limited to member organisations and we welcome all interested in developing & sharing their knowledge in the ever-expanding world of sustainability.

What do you see as the role of your Hub? 

Our Hub provides a space to learn, share and collaborate.  Our aim is to bring people together to help build a sustainable future for Scotland.

How are you hoping your Hub will evolve? 

For us the success of the Hub is driven from the input and energy of our members.  We would like the Hub to evolve in a away that meets the needs of our members, whilst challenging them and raising the ambition of the CSR agenda. 

Engagement is key and therefore the topics we cover need to stimulate & provoke discussion.  Our Hub is not about just listen and learn but very much about participate, listen and learn.

Keep an eye out on our Events page for upcoming Scotland Hub events , and join the LinkedIn group here.